Blood Day 2018

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0800 - 0905 The Clotting Cascade - Becky Bock

Conflict of interest was declared verbally and by a disclosure slide.     

The educational objectives were clearly stated.       

The educational content met the stated learning objectives.  

25% of the overall time was allocated for interactive learning.  

Generic names of the drugs were used consistently throughout the presentation.      

Appropriate citations were provided for evidence reported.       

This activity was fairly well balanced.    

The audience was encouraged to provide feedback.  

The speaker (s) provided information which will influence my practice.         

Overall the speaker (s) was effective.   


0905 - 0930 Prairie IvIG guidelines - Dr.Jayson Stoffman and Dr.Charles Musuka

1000 - 1030 Massive Transfusion in Pediatric - Dr.Jayson Stoffman

1035 - 1105 Fibrinogen Research Study Results - Dr.Brian Muirhead

1110 - 1140 BMS a Year in Review - Angela Paquette

1145 - 1215 TRALI for Dummies - Dr.Debra Lane

1320 - 1345 Educating about Transfusion Reactions - Dr.Arjuna Ponnampalam

1345 - 1410 Reacting at the Bedside- Transfusion Reactions-
 From a nursing perspective - Shana Chiborak

1425 - 1450 Transfusion Reaction Investigations: A Blook Bank Perspective - Charlie Cacapit MLT

1450 - 1515 The Cat's out of the Bag: Microbiological Investigations of Acute Transfusion Reactions - Dr. Lagace - Wiens

1515 - 1545 Transfusion Reaction Investigation: Testing Laboratory Role - Dr.Lagace-Wiens

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