November 02, 2016 – Transfusion Reaction Algorithm 2016 Presentation Final Version 2 Nov 2016

This PowerPoint presentation is amendable to allow educators to make site specific modifications. The original version of this presentation will remain populated to BBM in the Learning Resources section.

April 08, 2016 – Transfusion Reactions

A presentation by BCS manager, Shauna Paul and nurse coordinator, Shana Chiborak discussing key points clinicians will find helpful in managing transfusion reactions. Click here to view Presentation


March 11, 2016 – A Change for the Better

Presentation by Dr MusukaA presentation by Dr. C. Musuka that reviews the ongoing changes in Transfusion Medicine to ensure safer transfusion practices. YouTube Video – A Change for the Better


February 12, 2016 – To be TRALI or not to be TRALI that is the question!

TRALI by Dr Lane thumbnailDr D. Lane uses case presentation to assist clinicians in defining Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury and discusses the measures being implemented to reduce the incidence of TRALI. Click here to view Presentation.


January 8, 2016 – Does Transfusion Practice in Prairie Mountain Health Meet AABB Guidelines?

BMR_Jan 2016__finalDanielle Paradis (Med 3) presents a study to evaluate whether small and medium sized community health care centres within the Prairie Mountain Health Region (PMH) are currently following AABB transfusion guidelines. Click here to view Presentation.


December 11, 2015 – Treating Immune Deficiency: Bringing it Home, Subcutaneous Immune Globulin

BMR_Dec 2015Listen to Marianne Miguel, RN, BN and Jeannette Reyes, RN, BN from the HSC Adult Allergy & Immunology Clinic discuss home treatment with Subcutaneous Immune Globulin (SCIG). Click here to listen their presentation.