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-TRALI Investigation Tests

-Manitoba Transfusion Best Practice Online Course available January 22, 2018 -printable poster


Transfusion Reaction Algorithm – Effective December 12, 2016

transfusion-reaction-algorithm-version-2-2016-11-02Transfusion Reaction Algorithm Version 2 (2016 11 02)  replaces all previous versions. Please ensure all previous versions are removed and discarded.

Additionally, please ensure previous Transfusion Reaction Investigation Forms have been replaced with the updated CM 105 – Transfusion Reaction Investigation Form (Version 2016-11) effective December 12, 2016.

Clipart Picture of a Blood Drop Mascot Cartoon Character Holding a Pointer Stick  Transfusion Reaction Algorithm∗ Educational Resources –

For Nursing personnel:

Transfusion Reaction Learning Resources Package
*Click the below documents to review, print, or send to others∗
Description and form specific comments
Memorandum To Changes – Blood Bank Version
For Blood Bank personnel.
Memorandum To Changes – Nursing Version
For nursing personnel.
Transfusion Reaction Algorithm – *New 2016 Version*
*Updated* Transfusion Reaction Algorithm. Effective: December 12, 2016
Transfusion Reaction Algorithm 2016 Presentation Final Version 2 Nov 2016
Please note this PowerPoint presentation is amendable to allow educators to make site specific modifications. The original version of this presentation will remain populated to BBM in the Learning Resources section.
Transfusion Reaction Investigation Form – CM105 (Version 2016-11)
*Not For Print*  Please note, as the CM 105-Transfusion Reaction Investigation Form is created in duplicate style, this form cannot be printed for use in the clinical setting. Use this version for educational purposes ONLY.
Quick Reference Guide To Transfusion Reaction Action – Colour Version 1
Colour version
Quick Reference Guide To Transfusion Reaction Action –  Black and White Version 1
Black and white version
Transfusion Reaction Lanyard
Transfusion Reaction Quick Reference Points customized for lanyard attachment.

transfusion-reaction-kit-nov-2016-imageSample Transfusion Reaction Kit:


Transfusion Reaction Kit Contents

The below reference materials were created to exemplify the contents of a ‘Transfusion Reaction Kit’. The Transfusion Reaction Kit contains the supplies, documents, and guidelines required by clinicians responding to a transfusion reaction. Once assembled, the Transfusion Reaction Kit can be placed in a common area, similar to a unit’s ‘crash cart’, so that all unit staff can efficiently locate when required.  Click the below documents to review, print and/or send to others.



Transfusion Reaction Kit Contents Checklist Nov 2016
A checklist that outlines the basic supplies required in the assembly of a Transfusion Reaction Kit. A copy of the Transfusion Reaction Algorithm and Quick Reference Guidelines are included to ensure clinicians have the basic tools and information required when managing a transfusion reaction. Formatted to be printed on Avery (Order No.: 5164) and/or Grand & Toy (Order No.: 99763) label sheets.
Transfusion Reaction Kit Labels Nov 2016


Template for pre-printed labels that can be affixed to the outside of the Transfusion Reaction Kit to ensure it is clearly and quickly identifiable to all unit staff. Formatted to be printed on Avery (Order No.: 5164) and/or Grand & Toy (Order No.: 99763) label sheets.
Transfusion Reaction Kit Blood Bank Contact Information Nov 2016
To ensure that front line care providers have current and quick access to the On Call Transfusion Medicine Physician if required. Formatted to be printed on Avery (Order No.: 5164) and/or Grand & Toy (Order No.: 99763) label sheets.
Transfusion Reaction Kit Image Nov 2016
Plastic Clip Options



To illustrate the size and contents of a Transfusion Reaction Kit.
Plastic Clip Options accompanied by order numbers and suppliers.
**Note: The SAP numbers shown are for WRHA facilities. Other areas of Manitoba may have to contact their Material Management Department to source out similar items.**

Anemia Care Pathway

  • Clinical Care Pathway for Identification and Evaluation of Anemia in Elective Adult Surgical Patients

Proper Specimen Labeling