Shared Health is a key player in the province-wide ‘vein-to-vein’ Transfusion Medicine Service for Manitobans. While collaborating with key partners engaged in funding, monitoring, service delivery and clinical care, Shared Health’s role in blood bank services and cross-matching ensures best practice policies and procedures in the management and use of Manitoba’s precious blood and blood product inventory.

Transfusion Medicine is only a one part of Shared Health’s full mission in Manitoba.  Shared Health is Manitoba’s largest provider of public laboratory services across the province and imaging services in rural Manitoba. Shared Health’s vision and commitment is to create patient-first environments that provide quality testing and imaging in support of the healthcare needs of all Manitobans, no matter where they live.

The tests and services that Shared Health provides are what doctors and other healthcare providers use to diagnose health concerns or issues and to determine the best course of treatment. Whether it’s to conduct blood tests for a hospital patient or to determine whether someone has cancer, Shared Health is providing the Results that Matter to Manitobans every day.

For more information on Shared Health and the services it provides, please visit the Shared Health website at Shared Health website.