Blood Management Information Pamphlet(PDF)

On November 26, 1997, Health Minister Allan Rock, on behalf of the Federal government, released the final report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada (Krever Commission). Blood Conservation Programs were established across Canada based on the Commission’s recommendations (Health Canada).

The “Blood Products Alternative Program (BPAP)” was launched in 2000 at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.   After demonstrating efficacy in blood management and in providing safe patient care, it evolved into the Blood Conservation Service (BCS) for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA).   Blood Management Service (BMS) has since expanded provincially in its support of patients and healthcare professionals.  The administrative base for the BMS is at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.

Our service goals are:

  • To enhance patient care and patient satisfaction through blood & blood alternatives education,
  • To provide a process whereby patients are informed and appropriate alternatives are implemented,
  • To decrease the demand on the blood supply.

Patients that could benefit from referral to Blood Management Service:

  • Patients scheduled for elective surgical procedures which are associated with:
    • High blood loss
    • Staged procedures
  • Anemic patients
  • Small patients (low body weight)
  • Patients with a difficult cross-match or multiple anti-bodies
  • Patients who do not accept blood transfusion for any reason

If you are planning to have surgery in the near future and would like to obtain more information about the Blood Management Service, please call (204) 926-8006.

Click here for further information on Obstetrical Anemia and Intravenous Iron.

Click here to complete the Blood Management Service Consultation/Referral Form

Click here to complete the Blood Management Service Obstetrical Consult/Referral Form

Please fax consults/referrals to:

204- 940-3255

Additional Resources for Clinicians:

Medical Consultants

Dr. Arjuna Ponnampalam


Jim Diakiw

Nurse Coordinators

Angela Paquette
Shana Chiborak  

Administrative Staff

Kim Lafantaisie

Data Analyst

Huixin Emma Zhang