Best Blood Manitoba is an initiative of the Manitoba Provincial Transfusion Practice Advisory Committee to provide accessible and current information on blood for patients and healthcare providers.

Manitoba Provincial Transfusion Practice Advisory Committee


  • A vein-to-vein transfusion practice service that supports rational and safe transfusion practice for all Manitobans


  • Provide a forum of content experts from multiple professions and organizations to share information and support common initiatives
  • Provide information & tools to support Regulatory and Accreditation processes
  • Provide information, data & tools to support Transfusion Practice Committees


  • To improve utilization of blood products
  • To provide accessible transfusion practice information to all Manitobans
  • To meet all Regulatory & Accreditation Requirements
  • To support provincial training and competency standards


  • Representation from Medicine, Nursing and Laboratory for all Transfusion Practice Committees in Manitoba
  • Representation from Shared Health-Transfusion Medicine
  • Representation from Blood Management Service
  • Representation from Canadian Blood Services